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  In recent years, research has been conducted on the energy conversion factor and reducing power  consumption % 15-35, reducing the depreciation of compressed air production facilities, increasing the time for replacing consumer goods in industrial factories and hospitals scientifically and practically. In Iran, we  have been started our scientific and practical activities from ten years ago as the first installment of (Inverter-VSD

  Designing and construction of Dryer Refrigerator Dew Point<  was caused to reduce the energy consumption of compressed air with the standard ISO 8573-1 and removing absorbent dryer.

In the oil and gas industry and other small and large industries and hospitals to remove moisture from the compressed air they consume considerable energy and in some cases, Air Dryer Absorption must be used to reduce and absorb more moisture.

In the world for the first time, our group succeeded to design and build Air Dryer Refrigerator Dew Point<  . Scientific and practical achievements in the field of D&I with the designing and construction of  Air Dryer Refrigerator Dew Point<  caused to the replacement of this type of Dryer Refrigerator with Dryer Absorption with reducing the initial purchasing cost of Air Dryer, reducing of maintenance and service costs, reducing energy consumption by increasing productivity and optimizing the compressed air quality level With minimal moisture.

In the study and review of Oil Inject Screw Air Compressor has designed an orbit which Transducer Pressure Sensor has installed in the separator filter tank, the amount of air pressure is measured by air end, in this design  which has made for the first time in the world, there are significant results in terms of reducing the amortization and downtime and  the failure of air end and electromotor.

The research on the design and assembly of Oil Inject Screw Air Compressor has been completed which the sample of this project is not mentioned in any of the prestigious Oil Inject Screw Air Compressor Companies and the cost of designing and construction, maintenance, service, repairing and reducing energy consumption and energy conversion factor than designers in the market has optimum and optimal conditions, in other words, investing in this scheme and building a new generation of Oil Inject Screw Air Compressor has made significant gains for the oil and gas industry and large and small industries and hospitals and  it has considered with the  maximum optimum conditions, increasing  productivity and maintenance, service, repairing with the least chance of damaging parts in the construction, assembly and designing.

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